Yoe Mase – Interview

Yoe Mase has been a recurring artist on the music promotion channels on YouTube for quite some time. MrSuicideSheep has featured him a lot on his channel with more than 11 million subscribers. His latest album “Soldier” has gathered quite a lot of streams online, and I’ve been curious to get to know the artist behind.

Yoe Mase agreed to answer a few questions, and we’re thankful that he took the time to do so:

1. You were born in August 1994 according to your Spotify. Can you tell us a little about who you are, and where you come from?

Yes! I was born in August 1 1994. My full name is Yosef, as I am from a jewish background, but people call me Yoe. I was raised in upstate NY and still live here now. I have always been a pretty isolated person, and tend to be more of an introvert. I would describe myself as someone who cares deeply about his place in the universe.

2. Your latest album is called “Soldier”. Can you tell us a little about your new album and how it came to be?

Soldier is an album I associate with duality and opposing thoughts. On one hand, I treat my life as if I am a Soldier going into battle and preparing for war. I take music very seriously, (almost too seriously), and I want nothing more than a career as an artist. On the other hand, I don’t want to lose my integrity, as that defeats the purpose of being an artist. Soldier represents the inner conflict that I have as a musician.

It is often difficult to succeed when you don’t have a massive fanbase, so there is always an inclination to pander to trends, but I don’t wan’t to change what makes me myself.

I know that answer is somewhat vague, but rather than list clear examples from the album, I’d rather people discover it on their own. 3. What is your typical routine, when writing and producing a new song?

I find that I tend to write and produce music at the same time. I don’t really sit down and write a song how one might imagine. Instead, I tend to write a small loop in my DAW and work around the aesthetic of that loop. Does that make sense?

4. How did you get started with releasing your own music?

Honestly, it’s a crazy story. I never intended on pursuing a career in music, it sort of just happened. I would release a track on Soundcloud, expecting little to no traction, and eventually it was picked up by various promo channels. The first song that gained major traction was this song I wrote called ‘Impurity’. I never thought it would go anywhere, but suddenly it was uploaded to a major youtube channel. It sort of blew my mind at the time.

5. You describe your genre as “Post-EDM” on your Spotify, can you tell us a little more about your music style, and what kind of music you love creating the most?

I say Post-EDM because my music can be hard to define. Sometimes it feels like pop,  sometimes it feels like Electronica, sometimes it feels like rock. It is hard for me to put in a specific category. So I used the term Post-EDM to describe the tools I use when producing. I tend to use many staples and cliches from electronic dance music and bend them into something that is more singer/songwriter.

6. For our last question, what are your plans and/or goals for 2019?

Oh I have many plans! But people will have to wait and see. I will give on clue though.


You can listen to his new album below: