Gnash’s New Album – Sparks Both Your Joy & Sadness

I imagine sitting on my couch with a cup of coffee in my hand, as the rain outside hits the window.

I imagine going for a walk in that rain, listening to this album, while thinking about everything that’s been sitting deep inside of my mind.

Deep emotions surface, while this is playing on my headphones.


Gnash has proved to be an artist, quite like no one else. With his soothing, light vocals he can turn any song into his own original work of art.

I’ve followed Gnash for years, listening to him on many different songs. Like: lonely again & the major hit i hate u, I love u with Olivia O’Brien.


The album is packed with beautiful piano, acoustic guitar, ukulele & soft beats. Listening to this album has been an experience for me, cause I got to go somewhere I only go, when I’m really emotional. But it’s like this album has been a gateway to turn on the feelings, not just the sad feelings. My sadness was definitely sparked, but so was my joy.

The song “feel better” got me thinking of my girlfriend, and how she makes me feel so much better all the time, and how I hope she feels like that too.


Are you feeling moody, sad or joyful?

Even if you’re feeling nothing at all, maybe this will get you to places you didn’t know, you wanted to go to.


It did for me..


Jonas Hoffmann