Cassette Tapes – Debut EP Spotlight

Cassette Tapes is the name of a new duo on the music scene, and I think we’re dealing with a name that should not be forgotten, once remembered. The duo consists of Jackson Stokes and Parker Livingston from San Francisco, who both comes from musical upbringings. Today, the mixing of genres is like a general rule of the music world, and this duo is no exception. Combining genres like pop & hip-hop, with genres like soul & blues, they’ve found a sound that fits them well.

I found these guys through the well-known platform “Soundcloud”, where I stumbled upon a smooth electrical guitar, combined with a vocalist, who on his own isn’t very unique, but he can sing. The songwriting & the production is the reason I stayed around for the first minute of the song, when out of nowhere, a trumpet sounded through my headphones. I was torn, cause I didn’t expect that in this song. But I was certainly surprised, pleasantly. The song I was listening to, was “Feel It”. So I decided to listen the whole EP through. The combination of a soft kick, smooth synths & a heavy sub-bass that they like to explore, gives this EP a nice feeling.

The duo proves that they can write & produce songs that attracts, and I’m excited to follow these two guys in their journey to their first million streams and further.

The EP consists of 5 songs: