Anson Seabra – “I Can’t Carry This Anymore”

Sometimes you just feel so heavy, not being able to deal with anything. Not being able to form a smile, while you’re slowly fading in to a black haze of self doubt. And this haze gets thicker and thicker, while it sucks everything positive out. Depression hits so many people, and it’s a shadow that’s […]

INTRN – “Different Story”

Is INTRN a new serious player on the big YouTube Promotion Channels? Aminium Music & CloudCity has both opened their eyes towards his new single “Different Story”. Sharing this song on both their respective channels, INTRN is bound to get some recognition for this one. Even though it’s still newly released, it’s reached over 20.000 […]

Mike Posner is back with a new single!

Mike Posner, who wrote “I Took A Pill In Ibiza”, is back with a new song! The remix of “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” by Seeb was a major hit all over the world, and now Mike Posner has written a new potential hit? All I know, is that I’ve listened to this song […]

Sasha Sloan – “Faking It” Music Video

In a seemingly normal, happy relationship Sasha Sloan sings about faking feelings, and hiding the truth from your partner. The music video involves her and a guy (boyfriend), where the guy is clearly happy in the relationship. It switches between happy couple scenes and Sasha, who’s showing clear emotions of doubt. The music video portrays […]

Nic Nim – Like That

A subtle out-of-tune guitar sets the scene for an underground pop song, that surprised me. I wasn’t quite hooked for the first 5 seconds, cause I don’t like it when a guitar doesn’t sound fully tuned, but I did stick around for when the vocals rolled over the track. Though the intro could be stronger, […]

Morning Coffee Thoughts…

I’m sitting here at 7AM, thinking about the year 2019, and what I want it to become for me.. Last year had many great qualities and lessons that I learned, and I want to work on that. Since Now Music is still so newly created, so one (probably the biggest) resolution for this year, is […]

Merry Christmas!

Hello all! This is just a small post, an online christmas postcard. 2018 was a year to remember… Avengers Infinity War hit the theaters The FIFA World Cup happened Wildfires tore up the Californian forests 2018 was definitely an eventful and amazing year for many, and I’m excited to see how 2019 turns out! I […]

My Cover of IDFC by Blackbear

I didn’t start Since Now Music to promote my own music. But I do like the idea of running a platform that I love, with music that I love listening to, and having the option of throwing some of my own music on there as well. I am a singer/songwriter & producer in my sparetime, […]